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How many managers have we got fired?

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Just wondered how many managers got fired straight after losing to us in the past couple of seasons? If i call correctly didnt pearce get sacked by forest straight after we beat them at their place? Did the leeds manager ( mcdermott i think) get sacked after we hammered them? Sure we also did this to a few other teams but cant remember who though

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I think you both know what i was getting at. Can remember beating spurs 3 - 0 at white hart lane and spurs fans having a mass protest outside the ground after the game, think it was christian gross who ended biting the bullet straight after. I know this was probably about 16 years ago but im sure we've done it to about 5 or 6 managers in the past 3 seasons

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We haven't got anyone fired.

You know what he's asking though?

If Forest had beaten us then Dougie would still be in a job, same as all the others.

Didn't Sir Bryan Robson get sacked after we beat blunts at Hillsborough?

Or am i just believing that "You're getting sacked in the morning!" song lol

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