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Huddersfield Away Ticket Details

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He already has the Wednesday bug big style - been going for 5 years, and thought at 9 time to unleash him on the away games - although not sure his Mum is happy about it.

Bizarrely he seems as excited about the bizarre halt time ritual of singing and bouncing that he has been watching on You Tube !!

So your son's gonna be chucking fruit shoot around at half time? lol
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Thought £31 was a bit steep but going to try and take the lad - he is 9 so will get an U8 tickets and get him to crouch down a touch.  So £39 for the 2 not too bad.


What time do they go on sale online ?


£24 last season I think. That's nearly a 30% hike. Make the most of taking your lad now mines 17 [started going away when he was 8] it costs me an arm and a leg the way ticket prices have gone up.

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