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Good solid point

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Too right, great point. Have a look who the Brums have to play next few weeks and Cardiff will be out of it in 3 weeks. Just Ipswich to worry about me thinks now and we have them to play. It' dead easy to predict this league, I've nearly won thousands this season

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Very pleased with how tonight has gone

We've had a very tricky run of fixtures and even though we've not won in 5, we're still in the top 6

Now we've got FF and hutch back its time go on the f****** rampage

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Spot on.


As I see it now the top four are pretty much set, although the order will change. We're fighting for one of the remaining 2 playoff places with Derby, Cardiff, Ipswich and Birmingham. Still everything to play for and very much in our own hands.

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F*cking awful first half. One of the worst I've seen in a long time.

Better second (marginally).

People saying we deserved the win - not for me. Two very average (on the night) sides. A point was fair.

Turgid and uninspiring as a football match.

Decent point.

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