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A Poor Weekend Elsewhere

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I get the feeling you wouldn't have bothered posting if we'd won 4 out of 5

We keep being told that it's a lot better at the academy but the facts are that nothing has really changed. You are the "expert" on our academy and tell us how good all these players are. How you are surprised that scholars are released. In reality they are not good enough and don't get another club. In fact they seem to end up coaching at our academy and letting down more youngsters. Something drastically needs to change. They need to protect the clubs interests better by not showing their hand in playing games against the big clubs at 7s and 8s. It seems one or two coaches want their egos massaging when they do well at 7s and 8s. Other clubs are alerted and we lose them.

Kivo do you ever watch the 9s to 14s?

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That is a bit misleading as the under 11s drew and the under 12s didn't play.

Interestingly when the teams played at middlewood earlier in the season it was a complete wednesday whitewash with our under 9s putting 16 past United.

I suspect there is a little bit more to this As a few of the better under 9 players have been pushed up a year in recent weeks and have been replaced by under 8s players.

This could well have been happening throughout the age groups.

You seem to have issue with the academy pal, have you had a bad experience there? Most of it seems aimed at the younger age groups managed by John megson.

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