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Are we changing the side around to many times spirit seems down

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The team don't seem happy together , they seem a little lazy in play 

Seems something is missing from the side and its not a goal scorer but a happy spirit 

CC during the match as i have noticed seems to be losing his cool a little , his shrug at the end of the match showed a different man to a few weeks ago

Are a cracks starting to form ? could it be the player rotation ? 


Lets hope its a blip and we don't pick up some poor form and get back on to grabbing points and can hold on for the play offs 

I hope the team can lift there heads and start to enjoy playing again 



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Carlos seemed settled in his post match interview a little more relaxed than the full time whistle , he seems to have brushed of the ref and said forget it , lets look at the game of football 

Like i say hope its a blip 

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