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What are we missing?

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Without Foresteri we go from a good championship team to an above average one. 

People underestimate how much he does for the team, so much of our attacking play runs through him, that transition from midfield to attack he's brilliant at it. When he's not there we have big void to fill. 


Ferguson once said the most important players in football are attackers because they are the ones that score the goals that win you games. We've scored 1 goal in 4 games, of those 4 games FF missed 2 because of suspension and was sent off in the other 2.... And in the games he did play the closest we game to scoring against Hull was from FF, and after he went off vs Preston we were awful.


Different team without him, players like Lees, Hutchinson and Bannan are all key important players too, but FF is the most crucial to our team if we want to get promoted. 

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Only missing a roughhouse sitting in front of the back four.

IMO should have got someone in instead of McGeady - attack and goals was looking after itself and didn't need fixing.

One of Carlos' few mistakes this year which we will hopefully learn from next season.

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Expectation was always going to be the main issue this season. If you'd given me 6th at this stage of the season I would have snatched your hand off. The season start here for me, and we are in with a great shout.

I do wonder where all these people were when we were really poor.

And as for the transfer committee, our success in the market in the last 9 months has been remarkable.

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I think it can be summed up by looking at Ross Wallace and the current Burnley team.

Wallace can be good but too often he doesn't create anything and then he brings nothing to the team.

Burnley were happy to let him go because they wanted a team full of players with desire, aggression , physical presence and consistency.

We have too many like Wallace . Can be very good but can be poor and when their tricks don't work they don't bring anything to the team.

I don't think it can be fixed this season and we will probably just miss out. Just hope Carlos recognises this and fixes it in the summer

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