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The Owls vs The Rotherham. Official Matchday Thread.

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Brilliant Pauli as always.

'Colin Wankle' lol

Hard game today and as at their place it will about who wants it.

Colin won't want his 'hard' men shown up by exhibition footballers especially if they are a goal down at half time....

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Morning Chums


And special greetings to the fellow MGGangers especially 33 and Noddy.


Great OMDT definitely premiership class........just like our owner, manager, team and supporters. Pauli can I request SOS by Edwin Starr for you next bumper OMDT please.


anyway back to todays tussle...I really hope we have had our blip and we can start our 12 match unbeaten run in to Wembley with a good rogering for Colin Wankles Toytowners. One of the most tinpot towns and teams in the football league.


Ollies asleep ...whats new...........but we discussed the game while he was conscious whilst eating his brekkie. He says that this game hase the MKDons banana skin written all over it so we simply must score early and put the game to bed before half time. Ollie says 2-0 to the MASSIVE with Hoops bagging a brace..................He also said have we sent him back yet.............bless him he's got doggie altzheimers.


Me I'm going big.....5-1 to us with a hatrick of Dave penalties and two from up tay tays skirt by Mcgoogle



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This is actually my first EVER Wednesday vs Rotherham game.


Was on holiday last year. 


What are their fans like in terms of atmosphere. Was gonna do a post a long the lines of 'we need to shut them up early on' but I don't think of their fans as loud...

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Big game this. Not cos it's Rotherham, thats just a bit extra, but cos we need a win to get over this blip. No better time to start than right now if you ask me. Should be a decent crowd, shame they aren't bringing more what with it being normal price for em at ours but it means they'll be quieter. Can't force people to make long away trips.

No predicting from casa LMC. Me and the lad are up for it though. A whole day of football and fast food for us while the females of the family are out on a day trip.

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6R5225u.png          ta0EpHj.png





Excellent Matchday thread as usual pauli,


But one thing is bothering me........... where did you get that Wednesday Crest from? Its clearly an imposter. It just doesn't look right.

Its not even sat on the branch for a start!

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Looking forward to this. Finish work at 2 and then off to get my brother and niece (her first game) and got my other bro and dad coming for this one. Lets hope we get a good performance and a good win today!

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