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The Owls vs The Rotherham. Official Matchday Thread.

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Morning all. Last home game for me until the end of the September as work are sending me abroad for 6 months.


I'll be at Brighton and Forest though.


We are going to absolutely smash the granny out of Rotherham today and win by miles.


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nice storyboarding Pauli, probably brought old Colin to tears reminiscing.


Rotherham are in for a tonking today. Joao, Hooper n the big man all on the scoresheet today. I have a feeling its a day the Nuhiu boo boys won't enjoy.


The biggest question is... is the glorious, melodic collective voice that graces one's ears at our beloved stadium going to question Colin' legitimacy?

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Superb OMDT Pauli, the best ever.



â–ª Wednesday are unbeaten in 14 home league games - the club's longest league run since May 1997 (16 games unbeaten).




Would be fantastic if we could break this record this season. Would be a fantastic achievement.


3-0 win. Hooper, Wallace and Bannan for us. Warnock sent to the stands.

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(I plussed my own back up to save you plussing me again. It's made me feel dirty)

wait I plussed you in an attempt to try this nice thing. Now I have to neg you to restore the balance  :ph34r:

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Without a doubt these OMDTs simply have to be published in a single volume at the end of the season - with a CD of the songs in a sleeve inside the back cover!  


As for the game today....................just not bothered what score or who scores



As long as we win...............................please, please, please let us win today!!


By more than six goals!!

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Greetings from a beaut of a day in Auckland. I've just cut the grass. We usually win when I do that. FACT (kind of)

A jittery 2-1 win with Lee and Nuhiu to bag. Back on track. Come on you blue and white wizzards!!!

So why dont you cut your lawn every Saturday and most Tuesdays?

Get your finger out in a very good cause.

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I am wearing a proper in season Wednesday shirt for the first time since 2000 (£10 off)


For that reason I think we will score ALL THE GOALS with non-goal scoring forward Gary Hooper getting ALL THE GOALS




3-0 (Hooper x2, Lee x1)

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