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The Owls vs The Rotherham. Official Matchday Thread.

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Guest minsk owl

I really, really, really hope that Sky show some Colin post match comments, after we've tanned their ar$es 

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Yowza, yowza, yowza!


Great OMDT thread again Pauli!


Tay Tay looking extra Minty today, also noticing Shadow Llama has a very quirky smile (can he see up Tay Tay's skirt or something?


16 pints though - Realistically?


Anyway we are boogieing and Dancing and Grooving our way to the promised land!


C'mon Wednesday - On my command unleash Hell!

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Best one yet Pauli matey!!!

My goodness, i would do unspeakable things to TayTay...

and the llama too, i guess...

Morning fellow MGG-ers.

Reckon we'll smash these shithouses today.

4-0. Easy work. Then on to bigger things midweek.


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Best one yet Pauli

I can never get enough of a good dance song, Everybody Dance, Lets Groove, Celebrate, The Love. I Lost, I Can Make You Feel Good, Native New Yorker, I'm on a roll, just like Wednesday will be.

I can see Colin coming to spoil stuff, niggly fouls, time wasting, bullying the officials, he will do the lot

Not sure what King Carlos will make of it

3-1 to The Wednesday

Hooper, Wallace and a payback goal from Tom Lees

Just a bloke, who used up all his luck in one go when he met his wife.

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You've got to love Carlos...'feel the power of Hillsborough', indeed!

It's given me an idea for a new chant: we all stand with our arms outstretched, palms facing the pitch, eyes closed, and chant, 'the power of Hillsborough compels you!', in the style of that priest from 'The Exorcist'.

That'll get Warnock's head spinning.

As for the game, I'm hoping for a convincing victory, if for no other reason than it would give us more excuses to jump around a bit to keep warm. In reality, I'll take three points no matter how they come. A return to winning ways is a must.

Come on, Wednesday - let's smash these small-time cockswingers!

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Excellent once again Pauli - beyond me how you maintain/surpass these thread standards week after week.


I'm going for a 3-1 victory for the massives today.


Biggest test for me today will be walking past Beres and 4 lanes chippy without buying owt (on a diet)!



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Best OMDT ever.

Well done pauli...!

Good morning to all you Morning Glory Gayers especially JBA, Zeus, Orlando x, Noddy and MK also a good morning to Eaton also Realist.

Love Tay Tay and GSL.

Hoping for a good performance and a good tonking for Colin.




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Morning everyone, must win game today if we want to finish top 6. Need to get back to winning.

They will bite and scratch and some ex owls in their side will be looking to perform well on their return to hillsborough.

Is hutch fit for this one?

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Pauli you have done it again, funniest one yet. Mind you you had so much material to with when it comes to Colin AND Toytown. Not sure about today, they have a good record against us at Hillsborough in spite of league position, we will probably all be grumbling on the way home after a dour draw. Be interesting to see the team Carlos puts out today as I'm sure the day trip to the seaside this week will be on his mind.

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