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Weather in sheff

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Don't really expect too much of a problem but I travel up through the spine of Derbyshire to get there....anyone live in the Longnor, Millers Dale, Tideswell, Bamford, Strines areas willing to give a report?

Said on tele today that the Strines road was closed

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Not due to rain so that's good, and sunshine.

We always win when it's sunny.


Apart from that Boro game this season....where I distinctly remember wearing my sunglasses and I had my feet up on the chair in front for the final 10 minutes. Practically sunbathing....

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You can help with the pitch inspection then.

Bring a snow shovel.


That would be brilliant.

In 2016 you can't bring a plastic sandwich box into the stadium, but in the 50's they'd encourage fans to bring a shovel.

I move a lot of concrete on the QVC.

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