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The world's most pointless podcast?

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Ladies and gentlemen... Episode SIX of the Owlstalk: The Sheffield Wednesday Fans Podcast is now available for iTunes subscribers to download and listen to for FREE!


(Subscribers refresh your podcast feed to prompt the download... It will be available to non-subscribers soon!)




Of course this week we discuss the 'red card' incident and the subsequent response on Owlstalk, as well as look at the return of Furious George, the Album Club, Steve's Updates and even more Owlstalk goings on, where everybody's talking bout our tight pants...








(Available on other podcast providers shortly)

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If you're not on iTunes then your favourite Podcast app should have it too, just search for 'Owlstalk'. Then follow/subscribe/favourite/rate whatever the app lets you do because they all work differently.


We're on all the main podcast providers such as Acast, Stitcher, TuneIn, etc.

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Enjoyed that. Especially the heating part, knowing as we do that you record the thing with no pants on. Mmmm sweaty. Listen up you lot, get this podcast listened to or I'll force erotic dreams of bald men into your ears. LISTEN TO IT.

It's very good.

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We can't overexpose the F off Bez jingle.


I started talking about the questions... Then Neil went off on a tangent about squeaky poos and other nonsense.



You need to reel him in. He's like a menopausal woman

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