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when terry curran got sent off at oldham 1980

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i must admit we're a bit more civilised now,but  when our talisman terry curran got sent off wrongly at oldham's boundary park in 1980 we smashed the place up,caused £ 750,000 of improvements.the media had a field day calling us animals,away fans were banned at hillsboro for 3 games,and a few of us got banned from going to away games 2 seasons,was our clubs blackest period,

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We were banned for 4 away games. Swansea, Derby, Grimsby and Bristol Rovers.

The home punishment was to close the standing areas. There was no ban on away fans coming to us. Probably made us more money, fans having to pay for seats instead of standing.


I went to all 4 away games. I worked for a national company, and just got our local branch to call in at Swansea and Bristol. Bought 10 for Swansea and 30 for Bristol and sold them all. Mind you, i was selling them at 2 am in the Crazy Daisy the day of the Bristol game. Can imagine some waking up and wondering what they were doing with a match ticket!


Derby and Grimsby had more Wednesdayites in the queues than home fans when i drove to their grounds to buy my tickets

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Guest oasisowl81

the first match at hillboro  after that was against watford in the league cup lost 2-1 no watford fans were there

We played Bristol City and QPR before Watford turned up....

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