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Dom Howson

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you don't think 2 points from 9 is a wobble?.....which is 1 less than united

some of the slaters can't even string one sentence together never mind a few

im like carlos, i dont look back just to the next game👍 Previous to the hull game he was talking about a 2 game wobble, thats not even nothing, not ideal but not season defining either👍 If it goes into a 10 game run that would be a wobble
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This bloke is stealing a living. Every article written or daft little video he states the obvious adding no extra facts or thoughts to whatever point he is trying to put across.

Todays video - FF will be a huge loss for Wednesday..... I'm guessing nobody knew that

Yesterday - Togetherness is the key to owls ending 'mini wobble' ... Reyt! Losing an away game against preston and drawing one at home is a mini wobble

Just using my crystal ball to look forward to one from this Sheffield Star....

Rotherham game is a must win for Carlos

You are not forced to read his column. Plenty of good sources for news on t'owls ... twitter, owlstalk, people you meet in the pub.

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This is the same bloke who reckoned Westwood's injury at Birmingham was his knee.

That was the moment I began to suspect he didn't actually go to games and just relied on reading tweets.

Brian Laws was at the game and he said he thought it was his knee, then changed his mind and thought the injury was to "his shoulder of some description". What does that even mean? Just say shoulder.

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It really gets my goat on here that people can't wait to slag off people in the media. Biggs, Howson, Garrido, Staton etc for just doing their job. Some people think that cos they can put a few sentences together on an Internet forum that they're somehow better than those who've made a career from it. Get off their backs.

I was recently asked to write an article for The Football League World. I turned it down cos I didn't want to be slaughtered on Owlstalk. You could say it's ruined my journo career 😡😡.

But yes I fully agree with you. Ppl need to stop jumping on every opportunity to have a go, especially when the journo's are fellow Wednesday fans

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He has something called a Sports Editor, and no doubt an Editor.


They'll tell him what to do, just like anyone who isn't freelance or self employed largely gets told (or given a steer) as to what is expected of them.


I doubt very much it is "the world according to Dom".


Give him a break. Kid's just doing his job.

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