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No shots on target today

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O.K. it's disappointing that we lost our first League game of the year, but not to put one shot on goal was abysmal and anyone posting differently is very easily pleased. Langwith Welfare playing away at Arsenal in the Cup may get beaten 12-0. but would probably have at least one shot on goal.


A big, big, improvement needed on Tuesday.

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Poor show today. Seemed very hard work for us to get near their box, even with FF. Whereas they seemed to get in ours quite a bit easier.

Glad we kept 2 up with 10. Should have gone 3 at back sooner though to have any chance of snatching a draw. Joao very lightweight. Wallace had a bad day.

Good test of character with a game on Tues. See what we're made of. UTO.

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Though we didn't have a shot on target we did create some dangerous situations where we looked as we might score, final ball let us down on quite a few occasions. 


We wasted a number of corners and free kicks though to be fair Preston defended very well, the block on Joao near end was outstanding defending.

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