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who is our best player?

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Guest Johnbloodaxe

Best Player is too loose a term.


Most skillful player is probobably FF.


Most influential on a game is probobably several players but hard to rank, can vary game to game.


Bazza Banan











BUT you could also make an argument for many more of  the squad e.g. Pudil, Hunt, McGugan for various reasons.


SO it just shows the VERY healthy position that we are in with our current squad, you can make arguments for many of the players, which is a fantastic place to be this season.

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For the first time in years I don't think you can nail it down to one.


Even if it was a top three, different people would choose different players all giving valid reasons for their choice.


It could be a fence sitting answer but I'm glad to sit on the fence, it has shown how far we have come in under 2 seasons.

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