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Carlos & home atmosphere.

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Teddy bears, soft toys, and inflatables.

Just some of the things you take to bed with you.

Chuck em about on the Kop like in the good old days.

Stuff H&S


Elf n Safety mate 


You could have someones eye out with those blow up bananas  lol

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Ground is no different to the 90s. Kop used to be literally bouncing

Yeah it's the generation thing. I'd hate a smaller ground, nothing to do with it. Ad you say it was scary on kop in early 90s. Let people in cheap, pay on turnstiles, anything to get people in ont kop not kids on front row of north stand.
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would love to see an away day stand at hillsborough, 5,500 travelling owls fans at preston and the roof will be coming off, why can't this be replicated at home games.


make a season ticket a pre paid entrance into the ground and not a seat number, we generally have 15,000 empty seats every game, surely something could be worked out.


also love him or hate him, tango is isolated in the corner

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A few suggestions

First of all remove the band they sometimes may be noisey but the do not create atmosphere. They are interested in listening to themselves

The price differential between the kop and the other stands has shrunk, bring it back, make poor view seats cheap and definitely available potg, we need people in the pubs at 14:30 deciding to go to the match.

Like it or not the fact is people are noisier and less inhibited after a drink.

Poor view potg Kop tickets need to be approximately the cost of 5 pints of beer this was the rough price they were when I was on the kop.

Get flags banners etc.back on the kop if Liverpool can do it so can we. If any official is stopping this get him removed for someone like his opposite number at Anfield. I don't see their kop bursting into flames every week.

Get people on their feet ( unofficially or officially) , people don't sing sat down, once again use a kop like Anfield as a model.

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Whilst I do agree that the atmosphere at home is awful compared to some grounds am I the only one starting to notice it improving? Not sure if it's belief or expectation returning but it feels like it might turn around

I agree. It is improving. Every goal and every point is so crucial now that I think we are cheering and shouting even louder. Some matches (eg Bolton) are so tight and stressful that you cant help but go wild when we score.

But general encouragement singing is still poor. I think Rotherham and Charlton might be a turning point for numbers and noise. Then for the run in surely gates and atmosphere will be terrific.

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I'm thinking Carlos is a bit p..t off about the lack of home support considering how well we are doing.

I guess he heard we were massive when he put pen to paper. I've seen managers leave for less.

leave because its not noisy enough for him? nah lol

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Get rid of the band and make a good announcement about it - "we've listened to your feedback, you want to make the atmosphere yourselves, so it's over to you all now to make the difference for us". Something like that on the internet and at 2.55pm over the tannoy in the ground on the first home game of next season.

Agree though that the atmosphere will improve towards the end of this season as it all becomes more nail-biting for us.

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I use to be a season ticket holder on the kop uncovered and covered and was a season ticket holder for the first 4 seasons of seating before moving to the north


For the past 2 seasons Ive moved around the ground a bit just to see what the stands are like on a regular basis


For me The Kop has lost its soul and I can cite a few reasons I believe why


  firstly those old enough to remember always new the seats was going to take a chunk of the uniqueness away form the place and over time it has as more generations continue to come that are not aware of what it was like to stand on a massive embankment swaying and singing its a fact that its easier to sing stood up than sat down 


The band love them or hate them (and I don't want to turn this into a bash the band thread) have had an impact on the atmosphere weve had a bugler and a drummer for nearly 20 years now and at first they played along with the songs been sung but over time and especially the last 10 years a generation of 15-25 year olds have looked to the band to start the songs off and those who have grown frustrated with them have moved to the north west thus improving the atmosphere in there


The Kop as a whole needs re developing to make it more appealing to go back there the poles need to go everyone agrees with that but the back of the kop needs improving I think it should be covered from the minute you walk through the turnstile improving the facilities and the entrances into the kop area itself, for me there is still no better first view or feeling of Hillsborough than when you walk in to the ground at the top entrance near the band it still gets me every time and I always take a second to look


and this for me is another thing if they do redevelop the kop keep it as a banking if they legalise it make it safe standing across the back section this is where the standing and singing need to start for the noise to roll down, no corporate boxes remove the poles and keep it separate from the other stands and make it feel like this is our stand again this is the place that backs the lads when they are winning or losing and keeps the singing as it always did when I was growing up


The other thing to help atmosphere as someone else said is having a drink now I'm not saying get blindo although in past years this has help stomach whats being watched so why not do deals in the ground but deals that are competitive with the surrounding area, I'm not trying to do Legends, Rawsons, castle, the park, new barrack etc etc out of business but if they opened the ground at 12:30 say and offered £1.50 a pint up to 13;30 than £2 a pint up to 14:30 surely over a period of time people would take advantage of it and we all know when weve had a few it loosens up your inhabitations and the singing will follow from there

just a few thoughts I'm sure ill get shot down by some for my comments on the drinking or band or for being over 35 and having rose tinted glasses on and living in the past


But hey its just a few ideas and if one helps towards getting the old lady slightly rocking again then its worth it in my opinion  

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It's not justb at Hillborough though, listen to the Prem games and the atmosphere is certainly less than 10 - 20 years ago.

Society is changing, less demonstrative in general, it is usually the fans in their 40's- 50's who are leading the chanting, the fans who can rfemember the 70's, 80's and 90's.

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