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#MindTheGap Four Years Ago Today...

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We were at a wedding in Glasgow on the day we played Brentford

My son was secretly keeping up with the ongoings at Brentford by texting his mate

The blunts game against Stevenage kicked off later

Once I found United were losing 2-0

I couldn't bear the excitement and excused myself from our table

I spent most of the second half in the lobby on the phone to my mate, who was giving me a running commentary

For the last 15 minutes of United's game, myself, my son, my stepfather, my brother in law, and his father, were out in the lobby, listening to my mate's updates.

The rotten two hat told us United had got a winner with the last kick of the match, knowing he is a wind up merchant, I didn't believe him, but it took him a couple of minutes before he admitted he'd lied, bar steward

One of my best days ever of supporting Wednesday without actually being at the game

Just a bloke, who used up all his luck in one go when he met his wife.

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The turn around happened when they lost Evans, 5 points ahead with 2 games in hand crazy to think about it.


Well that's an excuse they like to use, but the facts were that a) when he was sent down we'd reduced the gap to 4 points with their 2 games in hand already played, and b) if he'd thought with his brain instead of his wee pipe he'd have probably been sold in January as he was out of contract at the end of the season. Plus, they always claimed that they weren't just a one man team - yet after losing the rapist they then cried that we only went up because they lost him. Pig logic. In the words of Kevin McCabe, they were "unlucky" that their player raped somebody. bless them.


Even blowing a 4 point lead plus a better goal difference with 3 games left to play takes something a bit special / bladesesque though!

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