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No surprises says Carlos

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Our website today.

Carlos says no surprise Hooper scoring so many. Says Hooper loves the way we play. You can easily understand why that is true. He is fed so many chances of so many different types. You can imagine the same runs and the same timing in a different team being fruitless and frustrating. In our team he must think all his birthdays have come at once. Marriage made in heaven.

Carlos goes on to say everyone enjoying the system. Everyone enjoying freedom but with responsibility. I see that every match. Bannan and Forestieri turn up where you would least expect them, but always seem to be back in their hole when the oppos are threatening.

If I wasnt 53 and male I would want to marry Carlos and have his children.

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Of course it's no surprise, he's a goal scorer. Done the business everywhere he's been. It's incredible we got him for the (reported) price we paid.


It has surprised me the rate that he has scored at. I would have been quite happy if he had scored half as many.


Not complaining like!  :rolleyes:

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