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Anyone fancy a laugh

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- their ground (our ground) is older

- they've won one more FA cup (1925?)

- their academy has produced more players that have been sold onto other clubs

- they're attendances are less than ours

- they've won a few more derby games (how many have they won since 2007?)


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Field mill is the oldest league football ground not Bramall lane

The first floodlit match was played in by Wednesday players when we played at the lane before the blades were even formed

We have both historically and presently get bigger attendances than United (both home and away)

They are correct in saying they won one more FA cup than us so they are obviously the bigger club

Doesn't matter that we're older, won more trophies, played in European competition, been champions of England more times, won a playoff final, have a stadium picked for World Cup and European competitions, have never played in the 4th tier, have just been bought for 37 million while they sold 50% for £1, and are regarded as a much bigger club than United by any neutral football fan.

But what do facts matter when you're a blade

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