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It's easy with hindsight

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its amazing how people form such strong opinions before a blokes been given the chance to do his job


Hit the nail bang on there mate.


I was stunned to how much opposition there was on OT, over his appointment.  


It's also annoying when managers are sacked after just a few months. Not allowing them get their feet under the table.  I can see Nigel Adkins packing his bags soon, if his next few results go the wrong (right) way.  


To my way of thinking a manager needs at least two seasons to implement his ideas and sign the players required. 

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People don't like change (and foreigners) and new ideas. And that's been our problem for the last 25 years.

it's not 'foreigners' and new ideas...

the guy came with 'very little pedigree'...

having had some 13 (or so) jobs in the last 13 years, his appointment was bound to attract some 'attention'...

stuart gray had done very well to get us into the position we had under his stewardship with the funding available...

in virtually any other walk of life, the interviewee (having had 13 positions in 13 years) wouldn't have been 'the interviewee', he'd still be waiting for a reply to his application...

time has proved cooper to be the wrong man, did well to avoid that...

2 outstanding 'attacking' signings for (what appears) under half of their worth...

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i too have had to eat humble pie with chansiri and carvalhal, however i cant believe people were actually upset about gray being sacked. honest coach and honest man, but he would be so far out of his depth with this squad .

we don't know that...

if football was that 'predictable' we could jack work in and live off 'the bookies' losses...

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Nice of them to publish the guy's address (almost)



I'm glad they have, he's sounds like perfect material for the Doom Mongers Club on here.


I've PM's my admin assistant 33, to send him an invite & aplication form, should be in the post today.


Welcome on board Gary.

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