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Charlton match

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Traditional saturday 3pm kick off surely this needs to be a category F ? We've had endless debates on this forum about ticket prices with an overwhelming majority of potg customers believing the price to be too high for the level we are currently playing at. Surely playing a team 2nd bottom with no local rivalry constitutes a category F.

Prices for adults would be

Kop £27

North £30

South £33

With under 17's £12 and under 11's £9 anywhere in the ground

I dont really see how people could have too many complaints at those prices and as ive stated in a previous post, we would only need to sell around an extra 2000 potg tickets to make roughly the same profit as the brentford match. Would anyone have any real objections to this or do some think that these prices are still too high? Would be nice to see if the people who havent been going would be more inclined to go to this match at these prices and show the people in charge that what fans see as reasonable prices on traditional saturday matches really does mean higher attendances

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Fantastic pricing - very reasonable- is that our first sub £30 for a Saturday this

If we're still unbeaten by then we'll get 30,000 easy[/quote

Why should it matter if we're unbeaten or not?

This should be used as a chance for people that genuinely were staying away for the prices, to show Mr C, this is what happens when we can afford it.

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