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Silky football.


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yep see my earlier point about when its played correctly i.e. fast paced, purposeful.. i've seen countless games where it just isnt and its just keep ball for sake of keep ball, slow and lethargic, thus removing any real competitiveness to the game... as a neutral its boring. Id maybe change that view if it were wednesday... but in principle i watch and enjoy football for entertainment, sometimes the likes of barca and munchen dont entertain me.

I do see your point and see the reasoning behind what you say. I just believe that barca and munich just seem to be a level or 2 ahead of anyone in the premier at the minute. Of course it cab look boring every now and then but i do believe that its just because the oppostion cant contend with the skill level of these clubs. English clubs seemed to dominate champions league matches not more than a few seasons ago before barca came along with their tika-tak football which no team seemed able to deal with. Im hoping that in the next 2-3 years english clubs can start to compete at the very top level both in national and international competitions

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I dont remember us being all that silky. Wonderful and exciting yes, but silky?




I remember a cold midweek game, the only time Ive ever sat in the roofless tango corner against norwich in 93/94 where it pi$$ed it down for the entire game. I got a horrendous flu watching a dire 0-0 draw. I remember them getting all excited about Mike Sheron coming on, for a minute I though theyd signed Shearer.


I think back to that and my rose tinted glasses come off.

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i probably would too .... but as a neutral its not for me... they are almost too good if that makes sense.. sorry to draw such an appalling comparison but its like a computer game.. once you've mastered it the enjoyment from it disappears.

Personally anything im winning at I love, you can never be to good at anything!


Saying that Barcelona are anti football is borderline fraud, that's the best domestic team in the world by head and shoulders!

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