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On this day 1 Year Ago - "I will never step down as your friend "

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All in all - those that succeed DA and the old regime have, within their individual capabilities, improved or unlocked the attitude and mindset that prevented this club from recovering faster than it did post 1998.

Lee Strafford and the fans exposed the dark goings on behind the scenes and demonstrated a desire to move us forward and rid the club of megalomania and plain buffoonery that strangled recovery.

MM, plugged the holes and stabilized the sinking ship, subsidizing the club until handover - SG developed a siege mentality and overachieved with a limited squad that made us a more saleable and attractive proposition.

The honourable DC has invested in quality on and off the pitch. King Carlos has fostered the spirit, changed the philosophy and after only three months including pre-season created a squad that has played some scintillating football, scored some breathtaking individual and team goals and reconnected with this clubs world class support.

We've come a long way baby...and we're on our way back.

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