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Lewis McGugan, match winning assist

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Just returned home from a brill day out.

Was good to see Lewis get decent game time albeit as a result of an unfortunate injury to Sam.


I thought LM did okay today but i have just watched the recording of the Football League show and did anyone notice his contribution to our winner?

He had earlier taken a yellow for the team with a naughty tug on a Brum player. Sometime after, FF(i think it was him) was scythed down by one of their midfielders in retribution for an unpunished infringement.

When Super Barry Bannan won the ball before our winner, he turned away from Fabrini and as he galloped away, the same dirty Brum midfielder started to bear down on BB to bring him down, that is until McGugan spied him in his peripheral and very subtley moved to block his advance on BB allowing 'I want to Marry' Barry to run with the ball before sliding it to FF who put it deliciously on a plate to a gleeful Hooper.


Well done Lewis McGugan! 

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Think Gary Rowett may have noticed

He's not been been spouting off again has he?

He was the same on Boxing Day.

I wish opposing managers and fans would wise up to the fact that Wednesday are on their way back.

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It looked like an innocent coming together to me.


Incidentally, I have borrowed Arsène Wenger's spectacles for the weekend.



Was about to request you watch it again until i read your second sentence, brilliant! lol

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Guest Darkus Owlus

FF pass was perfectly weighted.

Wednesday scored loads of goal like that on Championship Manager :)

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Very clever.

Fouling a player who was about to foul our player.

Can't say I've seen that before.

I think that's a move taken from American Football or ice hockey. lol

Like protecting the quarter back or the attacker.

McGugan must be coached by the same American footballer who coached John Harkes before the 1991 League Cup final at Hyde Park on the League Cup video? lol

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Interesting that CC went with McGugan rather than Semedo. I think this is recognition that our form changed once we switched to having more of a 'ball player' in that position when Bannan moved centrally.

Hutchinson has the ability to take the ball off the back four and do something reasonably productive with it, as obviously does Bannan. Semedo (for all his plus points) does not. CC now sees this as the foundation for our pattern of play now IMO.

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Think if the Brum player had just stopped and thrown his arms up instead of going down like he had been shot he might have got the foul. There was contact but it was minimal.

I actually laughed out loud as the clown theatrically threw himself into the mud.

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