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Remaining Home Games

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16 games left. 8 home and 8 away.  


The remaining home games are all very much winnable:


- Brentford (12th)

- QPR (13th)

- Toytown (22nd)

- Charlton (24th)

- Blackburn (18th)

- Ipswich (7th)

- M K Dons (21st)

- Cardiff (9th)

What I see is win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win  :manager:


Interestingly, April will be our busiest and most important month and is essentially the business end of the season.  Of the 7 fixtures that month, 4 games will be at home.  


With a run in like this, anything is possible.  


Automatic promotion here we come!



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Unlikely we'll win all of them, but there's no reason why we shouldn't and that would be 77 points at the end of the season even if we lost every remaining away game. Clearly that's unlikely to happen (even more unlikely than us picking up maximum points from every remaining home game)... honestly can't see us finishing the season with less than 80 points. 

That home run alone, based on our form and the standard of opposition, could and probably will see us stand on 70 points alone without including away fixtures between now and the end of the season. 10 points from 8 away games seems probable... not certain, but probable... as I say, 80 points as a minimum this season I reckon. Whether that'll be enough to get play-offs or not is another matter entirely... historically that's comfortably in the top 6 but I reckon this season will see quite a high points total being required. We'll see, but I reckon it'd take a lot to go wrong for us to not finish with at least 80 points come the end of the season. 

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