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FA cup final V play off final: Fan's allocations

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Was speaking to a mate at work who's a Liverpool season ticket holder, apparently they only got allocated 29,000 for the FA cup last season.

It's obviously a much bigger occasion than a play off final, but makes you worry considering we took 40,000+ to Cardiff.

Let's hope there are less corporate sales for the play off final.

Assuming we get there of course...

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Maybe the stayaways better start to come back then if they want a final ticket lol

Can you imagine if...and it's a big if still...we do go up.....will those who decided to not bother going for whatever reason....think to themselves, what a great season that promotion season was. All those memories of listening to it on the radio.....and still having £100 in my bank account

FFS come back......have you any idea what you are missing out on !!!!

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