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Kieran Lee

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Bannan and Lee didn't get bullied at all.The team as a whole didn't perform in the first half against a very good side but to say they got bullied is utter tripe

This 100% Lee must've made about 100 tackles alone in the match.

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I thought him and Bannan got bullied out of it in the 1st half. We missed Hutchinson.


Trouble is - Hutchinson was our best defender as well.


Hence the reason Nixon says we are after Guardiola from Watford

Oldham played him at right back?............................hmmmm


Didnt we sign him as a right back ?

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He shouldn't be such a suprise player,considering he played for Man Utd and scored for them in a European tie.

He will play in the premier league next year, with us or without us.


Only with us , How would you replace a player like him ? 


if we don't go up within 2 years maybe .

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We've had plenty of players who can run. Problem is many of them had no sense of what to do when they ran (headless chicken stylee). Lee uses his energy with intelligence and always seems to be in the right place at the right time and boy can he move up field when he needs to. Great player and been one of my favourites for a long time now. So happy when Stu moved him to midfield. He was just what we needed, and had been desperate for. I do not know what DJ was doing not moving him to midfield earlier? Yes, he had a period with some injuries but there were also plenty of opportunities.

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