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Kieran Lee

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Not comparing overall ability, but purely on goals scored, 5 in 29 matches this season is right up there for a central midfielder. Thats better than Shezza, Shelton, Megson, and they were decent goalscorers.

Ok you get freeks like Scholes, Lampard and Gerrard, but they played higher up the field.

Yep agreed, keep seeing people mention he needs to add goals but he doe's get them and he works well in the build up play too. I'm sure he'll add a few more too. Great little player. 

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I echo all the sentiments.


Kieran Lee embodies and epitomises our team and style of play.


It is all about team for Lee, so everything he does comes from a wider appreciation of what is developing around him, whether the be attacking or defending. 


Like has been said, he is intelligent, and that is probably his foremost quality. His awareness and intelligence dictates everything else.


Fantastic player.

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Incredibly underrated and hopefully will be for a long time to stop interest from other chubs.

Can see why Man Utd rated him highly

Gets around the pitch so quickly, wins the ball and has started to score goals.

Him and Baz are superb in the middle. No doubt in my mind they could both play in the premier league.

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Guest Ellis Rimmer

I think the point with  Lee's value is that it's not about how much you would get for him, rather that to find a similar, ready made model would cost you double.

gonads lol

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you've got how to value players wrong


Players are worth what people are willing to pay.

My point is that if we let Lee go and looked for a replacement player who was capable of bringing similar qualities then we would end up paying over the odds. Or rather clubs would be asking over the odds.


Players capable of tackling, pressing winning the ball, using it simply, receiving in tight spots and popping it out the other way , getting box to box and scoring vital goals are a premium. 

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