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Official Deadline Day Thread

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Breaking news.

With just 8 minutes of the transfer window left, I've received an email via Gumtree.

My offer of just a tenner, for a big Preston Innovations V pole roller, has been accepted.

He wanted £20 but my negotiating skills paid off.

What does Naill Quinn think of that?

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Remi Garde is ready to quit Aston Villa after realising Aston Villa are pretty sh*te.

I thought he was a sh*t player but with this I don't blame him, Villa are sh*te and the board hasnt backed him at all to either stay up, or to come back up next year. Kinda like the situation Adkins is in at bumhole lane  lol

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Bit of a let down of a day. Pleased with McGeady but was expecting another one or two. Hopefully a few irons in the fire for when the loan window opens though.

Today has been dull but Im glad our bosses understand its better to do business early in the window.

But also, we landed an experienced international and top level player in his prime. This time last year signing McGeady would have been like signing Ronaldo.

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So there it is....another deadline day is doneHere is the day in summary:

Sheffield Wednesday

Aiden McGeady (Everton, loan)

Sheffield United

Rotherham United
Grant Ward (Tottenham, loan extension)

Doncaster Rovers
Chris Neal (Port Vale, loan)

Shaun Tuton (FC Halifax Town)
Kevin Long (Burnley, loan extension)
Josh Kay (AFC Fylde)
Charlie Harris (Brighton and Hove Albion)
Josh Brownhill (Preston North End, loan extension)

Tom Anderson (Burnley, loan)
Conor Dimaio (Sheffield United)
Gary Liddle (Bradford City)

Read more: http://www.thestar.co.uk/live/daily#ixzz3yxbWyX5r


gary megson  lol  :tango: 

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