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Poll: Man Of The Match vs Shrewsbury...and Your Player Ratings

Man Of The Match vs Shrewsbury  

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  1. 1. Who was your Man Of The Match vs Shrewsbury?

    • Price
    • Palmer
    • Turner
    • Sasso
    • Bennett
    • Sougou
    • Semedo
    • McGugan
    • Matias
    • Hooper
    • Joao
    • Nuhiu
    • Wallace
    • Lee

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Price: 7. One excellent save in addition to the penalty. No chance for first two goals, nor probably the third. No obvious howlers from him.

Bennett: 6. Competent and comfortable, but no threat. Tried to get forward more second half but couldn't/wouldn't beat the fullback. No better than Wiggins on this performance.

Sasso: 5. Central defence all at sixes and sevens. This game shows that he needs a leader next to him. Today he didn't have that and was a bit of a shambles as a result.

Turner: 3. Awful. Expected much more, particularly lacking in composure and the ability to do the simple stuff. Maybe match rusty, but that doesn't fully explain such a poor effort.

Palmer 6: OK. Tried to get things going down the wing. Having Sougou in front of him (except when going awol) didn't help. But two goals came from his area so he should take some responsibility for that.

Sougou: 1. Only positive I can give is that he didn't cost us a goal. But he offered nothing going forward. One cross, (his only cross?) when in acres of space was reminiscent of JJ at his worst. Bring back Wade Small.

McGugan: 8. Only player to come out which much credit. A bit fortunate with both goals, but at least he had a go. Some good distribution too. Looked a bit frustrated at the lack of quality and movement around him.

Semedo: 6. Didn't get caught in possession. Didn't give away easy possession with any sloppy passing. Had one great run from our half to their box, ending with good shot and save. Based on that I going to give a 7, but he was pedestrian. He offered little outlet for back four to work the ball forward.

Matias: 7. Energetic, but in fits and starts. Looked to run at their defence, which won the free kick for our first goal, and he put in some useful balls, but nothing clear cut.

Joao: 3. A couple of good defensive headers. Nothing up front. No energy no life no strength no presence no control. Lightweight, a passenger. All the criticisms that have been laid at Nuhui (fairly or unfairly) could be made at Joao on this performance, but Joao didn't have any of Nuhui's positives. Noticable that his commitment improved when Nuhui came on.

Hooper: 5. Anonymous. Nobody creating, so nothing for him to go for. Did start to come deep to get involved but even then it was just simple exchange of passes with the back four. Suffered due to the lack of quality around him.

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Deliberately didn’t post yesterday because sometime emotions get in the way of reasoning, I have calmed down a bit now so here goes:-

Price - 6 Did enough, not really at fault for their goals.

Palmer – 6 Didn’t do a lot wrong but in games like this he has to do more.

Sasso – 4 A game littered with mistakes and made poor decisions. At fault for first goal and the penalty.

Turner – 4 Flat footed, looked well off the pace.

Bennett – 5 Got caught a few times and looked physically weak, only time will tell.

Defence- Not good enough or fast enough. Struggled all of the second half when they ran at us.

Sougou – 1 I cannot recall one thing that he did right all game.

McGugan – 8 Easily our stand out player

Semedo – 6 Broke up lay and got a foot in but his distribution was woeful.

Matias – 6 Looked lively in patches. A fair run out after lengthy lay off.

Midfield- Maybe it showed that having a midfield with virtually no playing time between them in the last month is not a good idea.

Hooper – 5 Dropped deeper in search of the ball but offered little else.

Joao – 3 Bone idle, should have been brought off at half time.

Attack – Totally ineffective for the whole game. They played with 3 at the back, they would have got away with playing 2!

Ref, People ask why 6 mins added but the simple answer is that the whistle would have been flown 30 seconds earlier and we would have got a draw if it wasn’t for the time added on for the flare, special thanks go to the idiots.

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Yep, never mind the ref bottling a blatant penalty, Palmer being absolutely nowhere, Bennett failing to make a challenge and letting the cross come over, Turner not making the header, or Price diving the wrong way - it was definitely two goal McGugan that cost us the game. :wacko:

If he would've just put his foot through ball none of what followed after would happen would it? Didn't say he had a bad game but he cost us the game.

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If he would've just put his foot through ball none of what followed after would happen would it? Didn't say he had a bad game but he cost us the game.

McGugan cost us the game ... for failing to "put a foot in" for the build up to the third goal?


did you not see the defending for the goals in general? it was pitiful. to blame mcgugan for "costing us the game" is absurd

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