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Soft headers in our six yard box again

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To be entirely expected

A mixture of a minuscule team, zonal marking and poor defenders.

To everyone screaming out for us to spend money on a top attacking player before the window closes, I still can't believe people can't see the problem is at the back. Can't see us doing much this window to improve the defense, but that'll be where the majority of improvement will be needed to be made in summer

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Cue meltdown across all social media/forums.


Get over it - we played the reserves and that was a stroke unlucky.


We played the RESERVES.


In two days time we have a proper match to play.


Turn the light off, sit quietly on the edge of your bed and repeat ten times... "WE PLAYED OUR RESERVES..."



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Everybody is bemoaning the "loss" of Rhodes, but it's our defence which is the problem. The good news is that we're looking for a ball winner in the middle, which should make a difference. But the lack of height is deffo a problem. In honesty, I'm not sorry we're out. We got Lees injured in a cup game, after all.

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