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SWFC Ticket Office

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I love Alastair. I'd definitely slip him one.


I don't know how to break this to you - Alastair is a Bl@de!!


But has always been spot in terms of service, like when I have emailed after buying away tickets separately due to priority points and asking to be allocated all seats together.


I went down yesterday, queued for about 20 minutes - which was good, because when I got there and saw the queue I expected to be waiting for close to an hour. Getting to the front of the queue got really good friendly service.


What I couldn't understand was the bloke behind me, he was huffing and puffing at size of queue (like he hadn't realised the ST deadline was approaching and it was a Saturday), saying they need to get more staff on (like you can pull some from MaccieDs and they immediately know what to do), he'd only come down to buy a Burnley ticket. With the Internet age I really do think some people go to the ticket office when they don't need to just to have a good moooan!

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