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Teenager tries to get out of £250,000 contract with SWFC

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Although it's been well discussed thats a very misleading headline


But then i suppose "clubs not interested in young player that will cost nothing unless he signs a PROFESSIONAL contract and then £2.5k per FIRST TEAM appearance up to a maximum of 100 appearances" isn't that catchy as a headline...

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I like the part how she complains about not knowing what "compensation is payable" means.

When any kid gets a contract offer from an academy, they get a booklet that breaks down all the rules and what is to be expected when signing for an academy- including a comprehensive breakdown of what compensation will be due under what circumstances. And as has been said repeatedly, any club would snap your hands off to sign a player for £250,000 (not all at once) for someone who will play 100 games, even League Two clubs would consider that a good deal. Coincidentally, most League One and above clubs would be happy to pay £10k for a player to sign on a scholarship deal, even if the most they got out of him was him appearing on the bench once.


It's just a bitter, bitter blunt. 

If he was good enough, he'd be snapped up for the absolutely minuscule upfront fee being proposed: It's as simple as that. He sounds promising enough for Conference North football, I'm sure he'll have a great career as a top player going part-time for Ilkeston while doing some joinery on the side.

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Unless i msread it there is no fee required from us for him to sign a scholarship

Good grief you're right it's for a pro contract... 

This is becoming more and more pathetic on his part by the second.

I can understand why he'd be upset and disappointed and try and stir up outrage... but his parents should really know better

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