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Foristieri massively overrated IMO

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Ok I'll bite on this one, he is our play maker, everything that is good about our game goes through him, take the Middlesbrough game we were pants for 45 minutes and when he came on for the second half we wiped the floor with them and we're very unlucky not to get something,coincidence I think not.

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Think a lot of footy fans have a tendency to get carried away with a player or team after a few good performances (and bad performances as well I guess) and some probably have with Foristieri. But do think that maybe apart from Connor Wickham he is the best player we have seen play for Wednesday since we came down from the Premier League.

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There is a back story behind this thread, my account was compromised (my gaffer thinks i spend too much of the working day on here)


I happen to think Forestieri (i can spell his name for a start) is a magnificent player and the catalyst of all things good with Sheffield Wednesday. 


I dont think he's as good as some make out but he's the best player we've had for donkeys years. Apologies for riling some of you up (even though it wasn't me) 


Ramone x

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