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Season Ticket window is finally closed

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What happens at 5pm then when there are still people there waiting to be served? I presume they don't just chuck em out?


Probably lock doors and serve those already inside, extending opening hours until 7pm on Monday might have been a good idea for those working.

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Got my 3yr deal. Fairly sure if you email through your details before the deadline they will ring back, and even if it's after the deadline they ring back, they'll honour the prices as long as you emailed before.

They rang me back earlier this week, and implied as much because I asked them since the phone system is crap what if people don't get through in time?! I'd been trying for several days myself!

They do ring off a withheld number though so make sure you answer it!

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DqrvoNMz_bigger.jpgSWFC Ticket Office ‏@swfcTICKETS 16h16 hours ago

As outlined before, easiest way to purchase is to email details to ticketenquiries@swfc.co.uk. We will call back over the coming days #swfc

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SWFC Ticket Office ‏@swfcTICKETS 16h16 hours ago

We have hundreds to call back over the next few days but we will, so once emailed don’t worry we will call back (withheld number) #swfc

Ticket office is open:

Saturday 30th 9am - 5pm

Sunday 31st 10am - 4pm

Monday 1st 9am - 5 pm

0871 995 1867

The deadline for multi-year tickets is 5pm Monday 1st.

The dealine for 1yr online purchases is midnight at the end of Monday 1st Feb 2016. AKA 00:00am Tuesday the 2nd Feb 2016

Best place for up to date details: https://twitter.com/swfcTICKETS

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