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Did we ever have a William Bell play for Sheffield Wednesday?

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Lawrie Bell (Stanley Lawrence Thomas Bell) of The Wednesday and Jacky Bell (John Bell) of Everton were actually brothers, they played against each other in the September 1895 match Everton Vs The Wednesday.

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Around the same time there was a William Bell at East Fife (the two Bell brothers at Everton and Wednesday were both Scottish) who captained them in 1907, perhaps another Bell brother or cousin? William Bell played for East Fife in their very first game, versus Hearts. Jack Bell (Everton) played a role in setting up the Association Footballers Union and was a Scottish international which is a characteristic seen in William Bell being associated with the formation of East Fife. Could they be related? Did the connection through Lawrie Bell at Wednesday get William Bell a trial down here? William Bell, born c. 1882 died c. 1949. Could be totally the wrong era. Grasping at straws really, without an era to look at W. Bell is just a bit too common a name. For example, there was a William Bell playing in the Hallamshire competitions in the 1890's and another playing colliery football in South Yorkshire around the same time, either could easily have had a trial at Wednesday.

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