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Tommy Craig - 1903 Title winners on Alibi

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Sorry if the Popes Dead.


In todays Sheffield Star there is an interview with actor Tommy Craig, who stars in Canadian based Murdoch Mysteries on Alibi.


Apparently each season of the programme is a different year during 'Victorian times'.


Tommy asked the shows producer if the show could somehow name-check our 1903 Title win, and they agreed to dedicate the entire programme to just that.


They have even got many of the extras to bounce (just like we didn't do in 1903) should could be a good watch.


Never seen the programme before, but will definitely watch this episode when I find out when it is on....

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I can share the episode, it was great, think there was about 10 minutes dedicated to us in 6 or so scenes throughout the whole episode!

He's rubbish in anything he has done.




Actually he's not rubbish in Murdoch he plays his role really well.

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If you missed this first time round have a look now.  Entertaining few minutes watching

Tommy's interview on canadian chat show. Plenty of things 'Wednesday'


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