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The Chansiri Checklist

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1) Buy Club = make fans happy

2) Chuck a bit of money around on "nobodies" = make fans happy

3) Sack Manager = cause fan outrage

4) Announce season ticket prices = cause fans outrage

5) Give big new scoreboard tele and brand new pitch = makes fans happy

6) Announce new manger = cause fans outrage

7) Buy new players = Fan's scratch heads saying who? But we don't care cos we are spending.

8) Crap Start To Season = cause fans to demand head of head coach

8a) Sign Forestieri = My Own Personal Spunkfest.

9) Get Bannan on a freebie = cause fans to say we don't need his type

10) Start winning games = makes fans happy

11) Continue to win games = makes fans even happier (despite baffling defeats to MK Dons & Charlton).

12) Middle of January in Play Off Places = makes fans over the moon - Carlos is a god


Not a bad start to Mr C's reign at the top eh, considering how many angry fans we have had at various times! So for the checklist to continue:


13) Sign Super Hooper

14) Sign Alan Judge

15) Continue winning all our games at home, starting winning a lot more away

16) roger the play offs, automatic is sorted = Fan's Spunkfest and loads of beer drunk.

17) If possible the FA Cup trophy in our cabinet


A pretty good 16/17 month checklist eh?


*NB for the Owlstalk statos, the list may not be in perfect order*


Isn't life being a Wednesday fan, fantastic ??? Never a dull moment. Mr C is taking us all the way.



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