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6th In the league with some major players missing

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Doesn't this just sum up how well CC the team, and the club have done to get to January and be in 6th place?

With Matias, Lees, Turner, Westwood still to return, this really shows how well the club is performing on and off the pitch.

I was one of those questioning the number of new faces coming through the door last summer, but boy was it needed... Just goes to show you need a quality squad to get places in this league.

Huge congratulations to CC, DC and the players.

Onwards and upwards

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CC has done quite a brilliant job. 


Bar the indifferent start our form (particularly at home) has been by and large excellent. 


We keep picking up points, keep picking up victories. 


To do that with some key additions missing makes it all the more impressive. 


Keep it up CC and Wednesday! 

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Interview after the game, its on Player .

Also said Joe W could be out for a while .

Oh god, last thing we need, especially since Westwood shows no signs of returning soon. Hope Lees is back sharpish Edited by ohgoditsjames
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Westwood failed a late fitness test Saturday morning so you'd assume he will be involved at Reading

Yeh I think that's what CC alluded to in his interview.

As regards our position and success so far, what also has to be remembered is CC not only being new to the club but also new to English football. He's done amazingly well with (I assume) some very knowledgeable people working with him

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Guest SnookerOwl

And we only play one half, Arsenal aside.


If we played for 90 mins we'd be dangerous........................


That's a lot of full stops.

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