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Evans talks us up

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Always been a tactic of his, big any team up before he plays them, continue to big them up if he wins (to make his achievement of winning greater), and slag them off after if he loses.

Said we were a huge club before we played them in the 3-2 game, slagged us off after saying there's far bigger clubs in our league than us. He really is a bit strange.

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If we win tomorrow he will make dismissive comments about how MK Dons are better than us.

If we lose we are Barcelona and he has masterminded a famous victory.

Tldr: He is a weapons grade bell end.

Was typing mine before seeing that, got there before me.

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Getting his excuses in already

Ps has he bought a polo from tk maxx and then got the badge sewn on???

I saw the article about his training gear but didn't expect anything else to be covered in Leeds badges.

Really hope we win tomorrow, be very embarrassing if we don't.

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