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What a difference five years makes.

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Well, nearly 5 years. 


Tuesday 25th January, 2011.  Wednesday drew 2-2 with NINE man Yeovil Town in front of 16,500, leaving us 10th place in the Pub League after 25 games, 4 points off the play-offs and having played a game more than 6th placed Peterborough.


It didn't get much more grim than after that game:


Sedgwick, Reynolds, Potter, Teale and Coke all featured that night. Not surprising really.


Yeovil Town boss Terry Skiverton told BBC Somerset: 


"My team are kids and we're up against a very, very experienced team that have just been relegated that have got a massive, massive budget.


"That's got my blood going and since I've given up football and moved into management that's the first time it's happened."    



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Good god, a memory i'd rather forget :(

Tactical genius from Irvine, sticking Sedgwick on the half way line playing Quarterback, a row of 7 strikers on the Yeovil 18 yard line and throwing it into the mixer.


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Guest dunellaowl

cant believe we cheered the equaliser! Fecking awful!

Nineteen players in yeovils box waiting for slugwick to lump it back in! And Irvine stood sweating like Gary glitter in a school playground! W@nk times

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That for me was the worst night of football I have ever witnessed as a wednesdayite.

I'm glad in a way with hindsight I was there, it will only make the success we are about to have more enjoyable

Too right dan. Don't know how old you are but I'm an old fart. All the dakdays just make times like now so good. I've watched some right poo which is why I don't understand why everyone isn't loving now

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The home away game which coke scored a pen had to RE take it n missed grim times indeed

TBF if the pen had stood as it should have done we'd have won that game.

Irvine knew he was done afterwards though. A calm head and we'd have won easy. He just didn't have the right badge to deal with it.

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