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what happen if...

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Well obviously - if we can't agree terms, and no other club does, then he remains a Bolton player.


Even if they went into admin, they may then accept a lower transfer fee but it's still then the player's decision as to whether he wants to join. Unless he lowers his demands or the buying club ups theirs, he's not obligated to join a club that Bolton want to sell him to and until he moves he's on their payroll.

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...we can agree terms with Davis, and Bolton go into administration?


does it continue as it is, ie they continue to pay him (or not!) until someone does a deal? 


Would it make a deal more or less likely?


In simple terms, as I understand it (although I am happy to be corrected): 


I believe that it all depends on the transfer of Davis' registration which is effectively what we pay the transfer fee for - we don't pay for the player but for the player's registration to be transferred from Bolton Wanderers FC to Sheffield Wednesday FC.  The transfer of the registration is completed after the player agrees terms and signs his contract; and those terms and contract are dependant on the completion of the transfer of the registration. 


Effectively, he is not a Wednesday player until he signs his contract and his registration is transferred.  I believe that if Bolton go into administration before Davis' registration is transferred to Wednesday then Davis' registration becomes an asset of the administrator not the club and the administrator can veto the agreement to transfer - even if terms have been agreed and contract has been signed between SWFC and Davis. 


Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. 


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