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Fulham's miss of the season...

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Thought they were the better team today and should have probably won..

Some of those misses were shocking mind, McCormack used to score against us all the time?!? What's happened to him

Its due to Chansiri's transfer policy. Look like you are in for every striker in the championship, results in no one wanting to score against you, due to fear of upsetting their new pay masters. Obviously Madine has nothing to worry about on Tuesday.
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Guest Strigidae

That's an incredible miss! From the other side of the ground I thought we had got a block in to be honest. Makes Bus' miss against Newcastle look a good effort.

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Fulham would probably be relegated if it wasn't for having, arguably, the best striking partnership in the league.


If their midfield and defence got close to matching them, they'd walk the league. 


Great logic.


And if Wednesday won every game we would win the title and both cups.

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