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Linesman's in front of North today

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No doubt he missed the ball crossing the line but the North stand behind probably told him it went over

He didn't flag anything and he and the keeper appeared to carry on, which was why I thought they hadn't awarded it at first.

Referee had no confidence in him either. Should be automatically relegated to the conference.

Could tell as the ref gave a different decision on more than one occassion.

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Certainly not the worst ref we've had in recent memory, not by a country mile, but that lino was awful.

No. Not the worst but that would be some accolade . Standard of refs really bothers me. Happy to see we are finally considering video decisions

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Appeared absolutely clueless. Missed so many offside decissions and at times appeared to be closer to the halfway line than where he should have been.

Even with free kicks, his starting position seemed to be four or five yards out of position.

Surprised you lot on the north noticed whilst tucking into your prawn sandwiches! lol lol WAWAW

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