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Leeds Ticket Details

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Cat C though

On sky though

40 quid to sit on the north in a game that's on sky though

roger off

It's not £40 quid if you're a member though is it


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I'm sure Tas bought the membership?

You're missing the point, you should be able to wake up on the day and decide in the pub at 2 if you fancy it and not be expected to pay more than 30 quid for second division football.

Sick of the defence of this, you didn't say this when it was Leeds, you have warped view of it all. Why not make it a cat F? It's also more confusion, every game is a completely new set up.

I'm not thinking about myself I'm thinking about our older fans, younger fans, people who don't know if they can go until the hour before.

Just pick a price for matches and tell the fans.

The benefits are for people who commit in advance not the few who might go on a whim just cause they might or might not feel like it.

It's still a business whichever way you look at it

Not a charity

As for the pricing of the games, it's not Rocket science, it's there in black and white well in advance of each game.

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