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Santa Hats

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Just to clarify I don't have any issues. Paul explained the position to me a while back via a PM which followed on a conversation at Wolves away earlier in the season.


I agree you need more people but if this is not publicised outside of Wednesdayite or indeed what you are doing then you are in a vicious circle.

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Thanks John.


Regarding the funds, of course the best outcome was (eventually) arrived at and I am on record (in the other thread on the subject) as saying well done for that here and here.


Again, no one is criticising the Santa hats, which did indeed look good. I even praised it in the third post of this thread. The suggestion thereafter was to do it for home games and the question was why could that not be done. That question was answered and the answer graciously accepted, before the thread went off track (which I admit was partly my fault).


So, again, for the record - well done all involved.


The continuing issue is Nigel accusing me of lying and being defamatory, which I am eager to correct if I was wrong about it. I still don't see that I was wrong in my understanding and your reply doesn't directly answer my previous questions on the matter.


Thanks John, and happy new year to you too.


I'm confused by the notes from the general meeting as posted on the previous page then (form 31 August 2014). It states: "Wednesdayite are taking legal advice regarding what happens to the circa £30,000.00 of cash held by The Supporters Society. The Society rules state that this should be transferred to local community causes, but they are establishing whether it can be transferred to the new entity."


Is that untrue?


There are also several references to the funds being transferred from the old entity to the new one in previous threads debating the subject, and largely stood uncorrected.


Are there any more 'official' minutes from this meeting you can point me to, to clarify and educate myself better?



So, from my opinion here either I'm lying in my earlier post (which I am happy to be educated on, stand corrected and apologise for if necessary) or Nigel was potentially lying in his report from the general meeting as quoted above (which went uncorrected at the time and was even debated without being corrected in other threads)? Or I am misunderstanding Nigel's original quote (which I can't see how)?

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Thanks for that Kevin. Let us hope that everyone feels the same. I accept the point about publicity and communication but as you can see from this thread, there are many pitfalls.



The biggest pitfall is not communicating.


If Wednesdayite communicated on here (and better in general) then they could answer the questions in a non-confrontational manner and straighten out any misunderstandings, just like they used to do for many years (and were often praised for). A lot of the ire and confusion comes from things not being corrected or challenged properly, which leads to misinformation and misunderstandings spreading and lasting longer.


The worst that could happen is Wednesdayite look good for communicating, get their opinions across and gain the higher ground against the irrational critics or abusers.



It is worth noting that Wednesdayite are more than welcome to post on here, and only don't do so anymore through their own choice, which is ill-advised in my view.

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Please let it rest James. I do not want to get involved in any more arguments between individuals. I think I have had my fair share these over the past few years.

Just relax and start the New Year without this stuff. That's what I hope to do.


Happy to let it rest, I just wanted clarity. If I have said anything incorrect I am eager to correct and apologise, thats all.


I simply don't appreciate being called a liar when my recollection appears to be sound. I notice that Nigel has stopped posting since I have apparently proven him wrong on that particular point using his very own words.




I have no issue with you (and nothing but respect for you) John, so thank you for posting and have a nice evening and a great 2016. :)

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I actually haven't seen any irrational critics or abusers in here for some time.

Blue Goggles probably being the last.

The Dave Allen era before that.

Most criticism of Wednesdayite other than those times have been rational and valid, and could easily be debated and discussed.

Besides, you miss the point - by sensibly engaging Wednesdayite could gain the higher ground over those people whilst informing, looking open/approachable and steering the conversation better.

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Guest Deleted member

Conversation over

For clarity

Regarding the rest of your recent disingenuous posts, both you and Neil have been the biggest abusers of Wednesdayite in recent years on this site, and together are the reason people don't communicate any more. To then bemoan that is laughable.

Wednesdayite are getting on with getting on with two main board members and a team of volunteers helping out in car park, lounge, and coaches, as well as community initiatives

They don't need Owlstalk, this section, or the abuse that goes with it. And the defamatory posts suggesting impropriety.

And that's my last post in this section too

Enjoy your football

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So basically no-one at Wednesdayite can stand up to criticism, feedback and questions?

From little old me? Didn't realise I was that powerful to be honest.

All those years of genuine abuse during the Dave Allen years from loads of directions and a few years later the whole organisation closes ranks and shuts itself out because of questions being asked by one or two people?

Do you know how mad and overly paranoid that sounds?

Convenient it coincided with some very pertinent questions arising over the governance of the organisation, eh?

As for abuse, how many times have I been called a t**t and a c*** (even earlier in this thread) by you and certain people at Wednesdayite and how many times have I done so? The difference is that I don't resort to personal and petty insults and try to stick to the topic rather than personal abusive crap, unlike you. Yes, I have stood up for myself in debates and topics a lot but haven't resorted to the personal abuse like has been levelled at me either behind my back (yes, it does get back to me), in person, on here or even over the telephone (and people wonder why I refuse to speak to certain people directly anymore). People in glass houses and all that...

As for disingenuous posts, I see you have levelled the defamation accusation at me again. Can you please spell out where? You seemed to suggest I was being defamatory regarding my understanding that Wednesdayite were looking into transferring the funds from the old entity to the new one, something that as pointed out several times in this thread YOU said that was the case in your report from the general meeting on 31 August 2014 (and has been further debated in other threads). I've challenged you on that several times and given the opportunity to help educate me if I am incorrect and you haven't responded to that so I can only assume I have proven you wrong. Again, if you can show me where I have posted something false I will eagerly and happily correct it and apologise as necessary.

Oh, and happy new year to you too.

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Such a lazy arguments to be fair mate, arguments that make posts personal attacks rather than debating the actual issues.

Not least the fact that they are irrelevant and irrational points, as proven time and time again.

Firstly, no-one knows how many times other individuals have attended matches, not that such a question matters as pointed out a couple of posts ago; secondly you could argue that a more passionate supporter may have more to say about a supporters group than someone more casual. Either way, those arguments aren't really relevant or necessary.

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Personally and just my opinion, somebody who doesn't go to support the team at all can't really pontificate about how the supporters club is or isn't run.

If they aren't a supporter then what happens at Wednesdayite is really of no consequence to them.

But if they just like having a dig and stirring shiit (no matter how much they claim they arent, because it is clear for all to see), then keep posting away and sticking the knife in at any opportunity.

No more to say on they matter really, enjoy your Sky/BT Sport/s.


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Who are you suggesting doesn't go to games? How would you even know that for sure? Even the club doesn't know everybody who attends matches...


How many games does it take to qualify for an opinion? 1, 2, 10, 20, all?


What about those who work on match days and can't attend? Or have family or other reasons? 


What about overseas or distant supporters? Do they qualify for an opinion?


Do you have to have a season ticket, club membership, or an Owls Foundation membership before being allowed an opinion?


Does buying a shirt allow you to have an opinion? A badge? A jigsaw? What kind of spend on Wednesday stuff allows you to any kind of opinion?


Who decides if a person is enough of a fan to have an opinion?




Your logic falls down on so many levels...



A Wednesday fan is a Wednesday fan is a Wednesday fan - and their opinion is as valid as anyone elses.

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