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Derby fans really are a thick set of sheep aren't they?

Reminds me of Archie Gemmell. I can see Bannan playing for Scotland v Holland in the 2018 World Cup, picking up the ball 30 yards out, weaving through the packed dutch defence as if they are not there, and with only the goalie to beat, send the ball sailing over the bar.

Really top player. Love watching him. His control and ability to make space for himself are as good as I have seen.

Couldn't care less if he uses his right foot ever again.

Prediction...he scores roughly one per season. Bet he pokes it in with his right.

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Does he even know he's got one? I was purposely looking out for him using it and not sure he did the entire game.


To be honest I couldn't care if he never uses his right foot, he is in my opinion the player that makes us the team we are and the biggest surprise of all our signings, the sooner we get his contract extended the better (maybe we can get a discount for "lack of right foot usage"?

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