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Only Wednesday player with a World Cup medal!


There are too many minutes silences these days but Ron certainly HAS to have one.  And a minutes SILENCE please, not applause, so we can reflect, respect and honour a great goalkeeper. But for the almost superhuman Gordon Banks he would certainly have got more than his 33 caps.

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Guest Charlton

I never saw him play but I have i spoken to many who did. A Wednesday legend is how most described him as well as a fabulous keeper!

A massve loss to all connected to SWFC.

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Very sad news. A true legend in a time when players were not paid ridiculous amounts of money.

He will forever be remembered as Wednesday's greatest keeper and one of England's greatest ever keepers.

Ron deserves a fitting tribute, a minute's silence or applause and a stand or a statue or something in his honour too.




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RIP - obviously way before my era but always known that he's referred to as our greatest ever keeper.

The club definitely needs to sort out a minutes silence for the Fulham game.


Before my time too but any Wednesday fan worth their salt would know about him.

A REAL Wednesday legend.

RIP Ron.

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Never saw Ron Springett play but i was brought up knowing that he was a legend for The Wednesday. A sad lost and my condolences to his family.


That iconic photo of him diving in from of the empty North Stand is how i'll remember him.

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