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Player Interviews - Owls in the Park - 2015

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Guest _Ibbo_

Nor can I.  Not only  is he hard working, unselfish and passionate but he's  not the "big donkey" some of our own fans call him. OK, he lacks pace and could be more of an aerial threat (but even that dpends on service and his role), but he's a skilful footballer. 


The only people who call him a donkey are those that don't go to games......  you can't say that at all. You only have to look at his goal vs Man City.........  to see thats a ridiculous statement. 

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Yeah I don't get this either, unless its a reference to Trigger from OFAH??


If so, its pretty poor!


It is yes, funny in Only Fools and Horses, not funny used in the context of Nuhiu, and downright disrespectful of one of our own players considering he was asked what he thought about the "nickname" and he said he doesn't like it, it's not his name.

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Been saying for a while I think Hughie could do a decent job for us in midfield,he has decent enough ball skills to feed those up front

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Missed the origin of this Dave stuff.

What's it all about?

People struggled/struggle with the pronunciation/spelling of Atdhe Nuhiu.


So much so that he had to demonstrate how to say his name in an interview.


He hates being called Dave. He thinks it's disrespectful.

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Not sure how anyone can struggle to pronounce it after the video:



maybe just with the dummies who aren't able to watch a youtube video...

I've heard all sorts of variations.









Useless bastarrd





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