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3rd Kevin Wright Memorial Shield

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Think next year we could have two competitions -

- Kevin Wright Memorial Shield - 11-a-side competition for established teams to enter

- Owlstalk Cup - 5-a-side tournament for Owlstalk folk, with teams drawn randomly from a pool of players - funds to go to a different charity

Me and Bez organised something similar to the latter for the last two years but I just haven't had the time this year I'm afraid.

I really am very sorry if people won't/can't play this year because of dates/how it's set up - you'll never be able to satisfy everyone though so I hope nobody thinks there are ulterior motives to how we've organised it this year.

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Just have a massive match again. One day two squads of 15 £10 a man

Another good idea - 30 Owlstalkers split into two random teams, each paying £10 to play for a charity.

Could be done in May/June so it doesn't interfere with Kevin Wright Memorial Shield (July/August)

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I want to play but Thursday's are no good as I don't live in Sheffield.

Will be the same for a few people I'm afraid, but again these were the only dates we could get at the Mosborough club, who have kindly offered pitches for free.

Bez - maybe you could organise a one off match for a Sunday in August? (not the 23rd!)

30 Owlstalkers, split into two random teams - all proceeds to charity?

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I want to get something going this summer but I am manic with work and then stag do organising so this is a no go for me this year.

Why does everyone around you suddenly get married when you near 30?!

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I'll give it a week to see if Land of Dire can muster up a team for the Kevin Wright Memorial Shield.

If not, I'll see if I can book a pitch at short notice to host a game for 30 Owlstalkers - agreed?

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